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Loan Against Property

The loan against property is also known as LAP and it is one of the best ways for sending your kids abroad or financing your business or child's wedding. The first thing to consider in such a situation is where you will get the money from? There are several ways through which you can arrange these loans against property by taking a loan. You may go for a personal loan against the amount that you require or go for a loan against property.

Loan against property as its name defines it, is the loan given to you by bank in lieu of your property. This loan is easily provided by the bank as this is a secured loan. Your property is kept as collateral and the loan amount is decided according to the value of your property in the market, more the value of your property in market, more loan you can get from the bank. Rate of interest for this loan is also comparatively less than other types of loan. This loan can be used for any purpose you like such as buying new property, expanding business, marriage etc.    

Loan against property approval process

Loan against property are processed in a very quick, easy and effective ways. You can also apply this loan online on our website just follow few steps. First you go our Loan against property Page and fill our Loan against property form with correct details. And then we will receive your online loan Application. After received your application our team will contact you within Working 2 Days.  And also guide about Document and Loan against property interest rates.

We provide Business Loan from all major banks such as HDFC,Bajaj Finance, Axis Bank, HDB, Fultron India, Reliance,Raligare, And Megma.
Documents Required for loan against property

•       Valid identity proof
•       Valid residence proof
•       Valid age proof
•       Valid signature proof
•       Valid Income proof
•       Post dated cheques (pdc)
•       Evaluation certificate of the property by a professional evaluator appointed by bank.
•       Valid business continuity proof (I.T. returns or bank certificates)
•       Property documents

How can calculate your EMI

Follow 4 Easy Steps and Check your EMI

  • Step 1: Go to the our EMI Calculator page
  • Step 2: Enter the loan amount
  • Step 3: Enter the rate of interest charged on the loan
  • Step 4: If your lender charges one EMI in advance tick the relevant checkbox.

For further information please contact our team and write to us info@loanncr.com we will happy to help you.

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